Hey there! I'm Elizabeth Spencer, and I write YA fantasy and steampunk. My first novel, Justice Unending, was just published by Evernight Teen. (Woo!) You can read more about that, as well as the short stories I've published, on my Published Works page.

Or, hey! Maybe you just want to know more about me. You can read about that on myAbout page. Or you can drop by my blog, Fairies, Zombies, and Agent Queries, where I post about writing.


A Long-Forgotten Memory: Now available in Parsec Ink's Triangulation: Parch Anthology

I've published my second short story! A Long-Forgotten Memory, a steampunk short, has been published Parsec Ink's Triangulation: Parch anthology. You can see the full anthology on Amazon.com.

It was also the second-place winner of the Parsec Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story Contest!

The theme of this anthology was PARCH, and A Long-Forgotten Memory is about a summoned being who was created to record an empire's history, and who now watches over its ruins, waiting for something worth remembering.

I've written a little more about this on my blog.

Aspidochelone: Now available in the Sea Monsters issue of Spellbound Magazine!

I've sold a short story--my very first one! I'm happy to announce that Aspidochelone is in the Sea Monsters issue of Spellbound Magazine, a MG fantasy e-magazine.

Aspidochelone is about a young runaway and an island-sized turtle. If that sounds up your alley, be sure to check it out!

Welcome to the new website!

It's not much, but it exists. I now officially have a personal website. And if you're here, then you've found it! Congrats! I obviously need to flesh it out quite a bit (and work on the design! Goodness.) But the important part is that I now have a site up so that curious readers, agents, and publishers can learn a little bit more about me.

There's not much up right now--just an About page, a Contact form, and a link to my blog. But now that it's here, I'm planning to grow it over time.



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