Release Date Announced for JUSTICE UNENDING

Photo of the cover of Justice Unending.

It's official: My debut novel, Justice Unending, will be published on November 4, 2016!

Justice Unending is a YA fantasy with light steampunk elements that will be published by Evernight Teen. It'll be available in a variety of e-book formats, for whatever your e-reader of choice is!

Check out the cover on the my cover reveal post on the Fairies, Zombies, and Agent Queries blog, or check out the official blurb:

Within the walls of the Bastion, it's an honor to become a host for an Unending—the bodiless, immortal spirits who rule the country.

But for Faye, it meant her sister would have to die.

When Faye sneaks into the Mother Duchess's manor, she just wanted to see her sister one last time. Instead, Faye finds a manor in chaos, a murdered man, and an Unending assassin named Aris who needs a new body—Faye’s body—to bring the Bastion to its knees.

Now Faye's harboring the Bastion's most wanted criminal. And if she wants to live, she'll have to escape the Duchess and her immortals, all while keeping Aris from harming anyone else.

There's just one problem—Aris is not the villain. And now Faye is the only one who can help her stop the Duchess before anyone else—and especially Faye—has to die for the Unendings' whims.